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Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is a “Cost Saving” Steerable, Trenchless solution for installing underground pipes by passing under Special Engineering Difficulties (SED’s), which is now a preferred solution used extensively within the Utilities Industry.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) works are commonly used to pass under:

◆    Environmentally Sensitive Areas

◆    Railways

◆    Rivers and Water Courses

◆    Runways

◆    Roads

Some of the added benefits of using HDD techniques are:

◆    No Section 58 restrictions affecting our works

◆    No deep excavations are needed

◆    No disruption to the Users of the obstacle being passed

◆    No Road Closures, Restricted Working or, Premium Rates applied

◆    The Footprint of the HDD is relatively small, so minimal impact upon the Environment

Utility Clients have also recognised the cost saving opportunities of “stitch drilling”, which is used to install long lengths of duct and cable quicker than what open excavations can undertake these works.  This opportunity also significantly reduces the risk of reinstatement failures as the only excavation required is a small opening for the “Launch” and “Reception” Pits.

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