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Green Energy

Enough solar energy reaches the earth’s surface every hour to power our world for a year.

It is common knowledge that using solar energy is predictable and it produces no air or water pollution and, no greenhouse gases.  There are two types of solar energy, “Concentrated” and “Photovoltaic”.  Concentrated solar power uses mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers that collect the solar energy and convert it to heat.  This thermal energy can then be used to produce electricity via a steam turbine or heat engine driving a generator.  Photovoltaic solar technology uses photovoltaic cells (PV) to convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV cells are made of semiconductors and can provide large amounts of power for the electricity grid.

Alconex  work with both types of solar energy providers, offering a bespoke Design and Installation Service to suit their specific project requirements.  This may require…

◆    Planning Consultants

◆    Landscape Architects

◆    Licenced Ecologists

◆    Grid Engineers

◆    Acoustic Consultants

◆   ; Radar Consultants

◆    Wind Analysts

◆    Civil Engineers

◆    GIS Mapping Specialists

◆    CAD Drawing Specialists

◆    Land Purchase and Leasing Advisors

◆    Community Liaison Personnel

Alconex are an ideal Contractor to ensure the success of the Planning, Design and Installation.  Our Team can identify renewable energy risks in the development phase and help any Client to efficiently manage their costs.  We pride ourselves on ensuring our Client’s have what they need to ensure the successful completion of the project.  Skilled in GIS Mapping, Resource Analysis, EIA Assessing, Ecology, Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Project Management, our people know a great deal when it comes to renewable energy projects.

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