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Alconex recognise that Water is one of the most important substances on our earth.  We are therefore proud to provide a myriad of Services to the Water Industry.

Our Management has the knowledge and expertise required to deliver effective solutions across the whole range of the Water Infrastructure.  Our Business Delivery Model supports our Clients’ Projects that are both large or small, ranging from Feasibility Studies up to large diameter trunk main replacements or diversionary works for a new highway infrastructure, which includes for both polyethylene & ductile iron works.

Our Range of services are:

◆    Investigation;

◆    Open Cut – Large diameter/small diameter

◆    Service Laying Slip Lining

◆    Mainlaying

◆    New works and extensions to the network

◆    Pipe Bursting

◆    Leakage detection and reactive repair;

◆    Repair and maintenance;

◆    Testing and Commissioning

◆    Reinstatement/Surfacing

◆    Street-works Management and Coordination

◆    Computer Aided Design utilising AutoCAD Civils 3D

Alconex  can deliver whole project solutions, from project start-up to completion. Providing a single point of communication and managing all subcontractors and suppliers, we can work with our supply chain to offer innovative engineering and cost saving solutions across any Project and, within the agreed Programme.

Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority.